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  • Pinnacle Hearing was founded in 2010 by Dr. Aaron Burks, Au.D.  Pinnacle Hearing is a locally owned and operated business located within the beautiful Elmwood at the Springs in Green Springs, Ohio.  We provide hearing services to the current residents of the facility and also surrounding community members. 

    Pinnacle Hearing uses state-of-the-art instrumentation to accurately evaluate, diagnose and fit appropriate candidates with amplification.  We strive and pride ourselves on patient satisfaction and offer hearing aid financing and a free 30 day hearing aid trial on all amplification.

    Pinnacle Hearing is ready to answer any questions regarding your hearing healthcare.  We are eager to make a difference not only in your hearing but your overall quality of life.

    Come Experience the difference!

  •       Aaron Burks, Au.D.

         Doctorate of Audiology from Kent State University
           Bachelor of Arts from The Ohio State University
          Externship at Taylor Hearing Centers in Bentonville,  Arkansas

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